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And The Winner Is...

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Even after an SE-R Sentra (OK, fine, an SE-R 200SX) won a LeMons race last year, conventional wisdom held that Nissans can't really compete in the series. Forget conventional wisdom, because the Rogue Squadron SE-R just beat 107 cars!

Illustration for article titled And The Winner Is...

No black flags. No mechanical problems. The Rogue Squadron car appeared to have zero chance of pulling off the win until the last 40 minutes, when all of a sudden things got extremely interesting. The Death Cab For Cutie V8olvo had built up a seemingly insurmountable 13-lap lead, but then: disaster! The tortured ring gear in the Dana 30 differential disintegrated; at that point, Eyesore Racing's Miata, the POS Racing BMW E30, and the Rogue Squadron were on the same lap, within a minute or so of one another. The SE-R was low on fuel and was turning laps about 5 seconds slower than the Miata, but the Squadron held on to the win with a 25-second margin of victory (and ran out of gas about 100 yards after exiting the track). A proud day for Nissan fans!

Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets crazy baksheesh for his work on the LeMons Supreme Court.

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It looks like there might be hope for the Japanese Sedan Set after all...