We can all respect the guy who drives a beater '73 Caprice Estate wagon, but how about a man who depends on a 1959 Morris Minor 1000 to carry him to work each day?

Well, we'd have to say we're impressed. A 48-year-year old Morris?

It's safe to assume that this car requires a complete set Whitworth sockets. In the trunk at all times. Right next to the jumper cables and the five spare sets of ignition points.

This is no show car of the tedious-British-car-fanatic sort; it drives from Alameda to Berkeley every day. Hmm.. that's the same commute as the guy with the daily-driver '66 Lancia Fulvia.

The more I look at this car, the more I like it. It's small and full of character, but not cute character (like a certain air-cooled two-banger made on the other side of the Channel). More like the kind of car you build when your country gets the crap beat out of it winning a do-or-die war, loses its once-great empire and weathers 15 years of postwar economic malaise, yet retains its manufacturing pride.

Though it was called the 1000, the engine in this car was actually a 948cc unit. That's actually less displacement than a single cylinder in a Ford 460!

But that didn't stop Morris from slapping emblems claiming a (nominal) liter-o-rampaging-power on the bonnet.

I spoke to the owner of this car, and he claims it's 100% dependable in everyday use. Maybe so... but I hope he carries every tool he owns with him.

So what we'd like to know is your opinion on the Fulvia-versus-Minor question. Which madman gets the most respect? 48-year-old British car or 41-year-old Italian car?

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