Vauxhall Astra Stripdown at Strangely Regimented Scottish Junkyard

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The first self-service junkyard I ever experienced was an Oakland outfit called U-Pull-It. Its logo featured a Q*bert-esque alien raygunning parts and the whole outfit was housed in a roofless abandoned factory building. This U-Pull-it in Scotland isn't like that.

Apparently it's possible to to be locked up alone with a de-engined junker for seven hours and pick it cleaner than the East India Company extracting all the wealth from a once-prosperous colony. We can thank Battles for documenting his experience stripping an Astra:

The whole story is that there's a self service yard that now does a whole car service. You go online and buy the whole car, they drop it in a self service bay for you and remove the engine and tranny and leave you to it for the day. You can take four of your mates to help.
You're not allowed to take the frame or chassis and you're not supposed to take the catalyst, but we did and nobody tried to stop us.

The yard is called U Pull It. You can do an online search to see what they have.
As with every junkyard, all human life can be observed there. There were Nigerians buying ISO container loads of wrecked engines and trannies for way above market value and squads of Eastern European immigrants buying class C or D write off cars that they will no doubt return to the road.

My mate Coo bought a last generation Vauxhall Astra hatchback to get the hubs from and he planned to sell the other parts to his buddies in some Astra owners' clubs he's in. Turns out the hubs were fucked so we took everything else.
Coo has a bitching Astra panel van of the same series that's spray painted matte black, totally rapist looking to go with his awful beard.

I've got some before and after pics of the stripdown as well as some photos I took when I went on a wander in the yard.
My heart was lifted when I saw a sign directing me to what we later referred to as the Jalopnik corner, it said "Alfas, Saabs and Volvos this way" and there were loads. There were some sad sights too, a little Subaru pickup that was essentially sound but had been written off by a faceless insurance company as a class B and can never be returned to the road. There's an 'over the fence' photo of a nice, complete Saab 900 Coupe that one of the yard guys told me was being kept hidden so that it didn't become a banger racer. Good to know that the yard guys are honourable custodians of history, they should get a Government grant.

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Do I understand correctly that if you want a single part you must purchase the entire vehicle?