During the El Nino of 1998 I was driving with my friend in his full-on amazing 1961 Buick from San Francisco down to Sunnyvale. And the rain was coming down in buckets. Big, wet, mean buckets. Visibility was abysmal, if that. Suddenly, out of the upper right corner of the windshield we saw.this spinning light. And it was moving, quickly. Like really, really spinning. And hanging in the air. Though we were thinking it, neither of us had the time to form the words, "Holy Fuck, UFO!" Because it soon and sadly became clear what in fact this oddity was. A white Volkswagen New Beetle had spun out and launched itself from an overpass above us and was still flipping in circles as it flew across four lanes of freeway and smashed into the center divider. All these years later I'm still trying to decide what was weirder; an honest to goodness UFO, or what we actually saw. You?

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