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And The Winner Is...

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Nobody thought a Volkswagen would ever win, just as nobody believed it possible for a Nissan Z, Taurus SHO, or Saab to win. Today is Mitsubishi's day of improbable triumph!


Sure, Mitsubishis can be fast, and the company has quite a racing heritage... but Mitsubishi (and Chrysler-badged Mitsubishi products) have been utterly terrible in LeMons racing. When they're not getting nickeled and dimed to death by cascades of maddening electrical problems, they're spitting connecting rods all over the track. Until today, that is! The Mid-Drive Crisis Mirage, with its great Formula One-style middle driving position, battled for the lead with a Taurus SHO and Saturn SC2 all day Sunday, ultimately taking the checkered flag by a single lap. Congratulations, Mid-Drive Crisis!


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Congrats to Mid-Drive Crisis. It is often said that you don't need a fast car to win at LeMons, but to stay out on the track, and keep turning laps.

There is a lot of truth to that, but seldom is it mentioned is that it takes considerable skill to do just that. Clean driving to avoid penalties, and well orchestrated pit stops are imperative to finish at the top.

You have apparently managed to do those things better than everyone else this time around. Bravo!