In 1994, there was a girl. She was coveted by numerous boys at the fortnightly college paper. She was aloof, engaging, pretty and goofy with a sadistic streak that'd skin you crosswise if you tried her patience hard enough. She had precisely no idea how hot she actually was. In 1994, there was a chair. It was covered in a strange, sickly '70s green monochrome tweed that bordered on burlap covering the padding on a white fiberglass shell. It had wheels. The girl tended to sit in this chair. My friend Matt and I would — sans warning — grab said chair and hurtle her across the newspaper office yelling "DAYS OF THUNDER!" I also tended to crash her into walls, which she later attributed to my own sexual frustration at her not putting out. In the meantime, Tom had a baby with Katie Holmes. Christ. The Ice Storm came out a decade ago. Buy one of Cole Trickle's cars on eBay.

1990 Lumina, NASCAR Days of Thunder Vehicle [eBay via Autoblog]