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Our man with the cam, Evander, snapped some great shots of the upcoming Dodge JC49 crossover with a minivan nanny over on I-75 that we bet could make even Priddy's boys beam with pride. The JC49, which has also been called the "Crew," is built off of the JS/JC platform β€” the very same one the Sebring and Avenger find themselves birthed from. So, umm, what else β€” well, it's got dual pipes, so maybe it'll have the 3.5-liter V6 engine on the high end. And, umm, we also hear it'll begin production in December of this year. So, that's good β€” at least we know the pending sale of the Chrysler Group isn't putting a damper on their attempts at platform prostitution. Ah, some things will never change.

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