We just heard from Annabelle Frankl, the first woman ever to get arrested on the Bullrun, that a pack of around 25 ralliers were rolling through a wooded area in the Peach State at around 125 mph. When they emerged from the engorged thicket, the police were waiting in the median and picked off the whole group. The drivers were loaded into the paddy wagon and hauled off while the co-pilots were allowed to follow. A balk on the part of a tow-company owner meant that the cars weren't impounded. Meanwhile, a passel of Bullrunners, including Nick "Now-see-uh und Vomitation" Frankl, were charged with an $1,150 fine. The furriners faced no license penalties, but the American drivers had their driving privileges yanked for a day. Message to devils attempting to speed through the Bandit's home state: carry a Euro license and a few large in cash.

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