It's that magic time of year, when trophy wives the world over begin licking their chops and reminding their wealthy husbands how much sexier they would look in a Porsche. Yes friends, the new GT2 is nigh, and it is still nuts. In case you don't know the drill, the GT2 is a Porsche Turbo juiced up on angel dust. The 996 GT2 had 450 horsepower and RWD, as opposed to the regular Turbo's 420 hp and AWD system. All who drove it described the GT2 as "frightening," if not more than a little bit dangerous. The more things change... The new 997 GT2 also sheds its all-wheels drivenness, but instead of a mere 30-hp bump, Porsche is mainlining 50 more. Oh, and the new GT2 will be about 50 pounds lighter than the old one. Expect it at your local dealer this November, just two short months after the Turbo Cabriolet comes to town. Hope you have a good prenup. Jump for pics.

Exklusiv: Porsche startet Top-Elfer im November [Automobilwoche via Motor Authority]

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