All this talk of Collins and Rawlings maybe setting the Cannonball record got us thinking. We remember reading in Wilt Chamberlain's epic auto-bio Above the Rim that in addition to having sex with 20,000 women, he also drove from New York to Los Angeles in a Countach in about 33 hours. Wilt the Hoon Stilt claims when Dave Heinz and Dave Yarborough broke his record with a time of 32 hours and 52 minutes, they cheated because there were two of them. We just want to know how a 7-foot tall man fit in a Countach. Especially as he explained the sex part. In great detail. Primo quote #1, "Everybody is the same height laying down." Yeah buddy! Anyhow, we've never attempted anything quite as massive as a sea to shining sea dash, but we've been around. Like Sonoma County to Malibu – 453-miles – in a '61 Buick in 3 hours and 45 minutes. And then there was the time we drove from Los Angeles up to San Francisco... and turned around and drove back an hour later. Possibly while on white drugs. Anyhow, what's your best run? (Ego note: yesterday's "Question of the Day" got linked to Slate — just braggin' here, boss)

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