Eating burned meat while sweating on an asphalt lot in East Oakland... aaah, this is the life! Well, if you have a pair of Plymouth Belvederes and a vintage Serro Scotty trailer to go with your cauterized bovine flesh and fermented barley beverages, you know you're doing it right. We spotted this setup while tailgating out of a much less exciting '88 Toyota truck/'97 Crown Vic tailgating rig before the A's/Indians game last Saturday, and were appropriately green with envy...

So what we've got here is one nice '67 with a 360 crate motor and one hooned-out Sawzall Edition '66 4-door convertible with a 318.

Best of all, we've got a genuine Serro Scotty trailer hooked up to the '67. Sure, some folks get tediously nostalgic over the Airstream, but the Scotty's got way more honest-ta-god American king-of-roadness than any riveted aluminum tube. Look at that emblem!

Now that's luxury!

Adrian, the proud owner of both Mopars and the Scotty, says he removed the roof from the '66 25 years ago and, aside from some chassis reinforcing, it's been pretty much the same since then, getting plenty of miles. He's also got "a few" more Belvederes at home, plus a 40s ambulance and who-knows-what-all other vehicular goodness. We'll be sharing more of the work of Adrian the East Bay Mopar Madman as soon as we can get over to his place with a camera, promise.

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