There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who think Chris Bangle should be lined up and shot, and those who think the BMW 7-Series is a bold design coup that advances the art of the automobile by at least a decade. I happen to fall into the latter camp, yet even I am having a bit of a struggle not wincing at Weber's new SportsCar. Why? Well, from the front it looks like a stage that a vampire goes through when exposed to light. Commenter Steve N. explains that he hates it, "because it looks like a Tonka Truck vomited on a BMW Z4." Which, you know, really isn't all that inaccurate. Still, the visually, uh, challenging (or is that challenged?) Weber features a gas tank in each corner to better distribute the weight, 900 hp, a 0 to 60 time under three seconds and a Veyron chasing 250+ mph top speed. You know what we've all told ourselves many times: Everyone looks the same in the dark. Thanks to for the pics.

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