It's a slow Saturday – especially after huffing down a Rose Street Burger at Mo's across the street from Bob's Big Boy – so we're digging through the flash drive that GM gave us last night. Curiously, included with PR gunk stuff about the Camaro Convertible and Holden EFIJY concepts are these pics plus a press release for the tiny Chevy Beat.You might remember this diminutive Chevrolet from such auto shows as Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp New York, which means you may also remember the Beat's two siblings, Trax and Groove. And those cars are suspiciously absent from the $5.99 flash drive, which obviously means something!! Though Automobile is stating this month that the Beat is most likely bound for Europe while we in the US would get the SUV-i-er Groove. All we know for sure is that the press release quotes Injo Kim, the Beat's designer, as saying, "Every morning when you wake up, you yearn to be a hero that day." Anyhow, enjoy the bikini pics; we're just rumor-mongering over here.

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