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Ok, we saw what Nicholas and Annabelle's whip'll be — but that's only two seats. How am I going to provide the full width and breadth of pageantry and lifestyle coverage you're expecting? Well — as I've never always said — if you're gonna ride, you've got to ride in playa' style. Because with this bad boy, I'll be covering the Bullrun from one helluva odd place — last place. But whatevs, I'll do it as ostentatiously as humanely possible, because that's what I'll be rolling in, and be the team driver for — the #70 Cadillac Escalade ESV. Riding shotgun for me will be Nathalie Ramirez of Player magazine — you know, to expand upon the ostentatiousness.

Bullrun 2007: Annabelle, Your Big Brother's Comin' To Getcha! [internal]