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In case you're not doing anything over the weekend — feel free to come join Wert on a little adventure he'll be taking following some friends in a Chevy Corvette Z06 as they have some fun rallying from Montreal to Key West. That's right — our Senior Editor's already up in the tundra of Montreal and starting tomorrow morning at around 9 AM, he'll be kicking it with the "Road Rally Royalty" of Annabelle and Nicholas Frankl, providing live coverage all weekend as they take the bull by the horns. So come and run with Wert this weekend, and keep refreshing your web browser on our special Bullrun tag to catch the sights, the sounds, the parties — and maybe even some of the cars if he gets the time. Or if you're one of the tech-savvy, there's always the RSS feed to keep you up-to-date.