The true Scandinavian black metal fans over at SaabScene got themselves a couple of leaked images of the soon to be refreshed 9-3. That doesn't really interest us too much, as it brings a FWD-knife to the 3-series led RWD-gunfight. Though we do remember Mr. Dan Neil telling us that the 9-3 is one of his favorite cars. So what do we know? However, what does excite us is what the elite experts at Motor Authority are saying; the new 9-3 will get a Haldex AWD system and a 300 hp turbo V6. Saab, we didn't know you had it in you. Plus, now that the Volvo Rs are no more, hoons will still have a Swedish-ish option. And yes, you can get the good stuff in the SportCombi. Go hot wagons, go!

Spy Shots of refreshed Saab 9-3 []

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