According to a National Institute of Mental Health study, road rage is actually just one way for a disorder known as Intermittent Explosive Disorder to express itself. 16 million Americans suffer from IED, according to the NIMH. And we though it was just psycho assholes doing their thing, all this time. [Daily Aztec]

What starts out as a McDonald's drive-thru fender-bending hit-and-run ended in a fatal high speed chase, as a Moscow (Pennslyvania) van driver under the influence of "five prescription drugs" causes the hit-n-runner's car to crash. []


A 70-Canadian-cent dispute over a bar tab resulted in the enraged clubgoer ramming the manager with her car, breaking her leg. Then, still angered over the symbolic injustice of those 70 cents, she went all demolition-derby on cars and landscaping, finally getting stuck in a hedge and cuffed by the Mounties. [Edmonton Sun]

So keep your hands out of that jumbo jar of Percoset and keep a lid on that IED and you should be able to drive for another day without killing and/or maiming other drivers. See, it's not that hard!

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