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The folks over at WorldCarFans have captured some more pics of what they're claiming is the next Opel Vectra, and it's certainly got what looks to be some serious Camry-action going on in the front grille. According to the folks at the site that's for the fan of cars from across the world:

"The next Vectra is sitting on the new Epsilon 2 platform allowing a wider and taller body to provide more space inside for the all new car with a completely new styling. Opel will offer for the first time all wheel drive for the new Vectra as an option, and power will come from a wider selection of new engines including a 200 HP 2,7 litre V 6 Turbodiesel and a newly developed 2,8 litre V 8 fuel engines. The Vectra is expected to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn this year and hit the showrooms in early 2008. "

Since it sounds like the Epsilon 2 platform will be used, does this mean we'll be seeing AWD on the 2011 Chevy Malibu? One can only hope the stateside platform-mate of the Vectra will be getting a drivetrain to match the new look we saw in Detroit.

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