As we all know, Volkswagen just loooves "special editions" of their vehicles; no doubt there's a Blutwurst Edition Thing sputtering along somewhere at this very moment. But who knew they'd done so many variations on the jeans theme? We were talking to a guy who was reminiscing about the '74 Jeans Beetle he bought new in Tel Aviv back in the day, and a little digging revealed that VW Germany and, later, VW Mexico did at least five different Jeans Beetle versions during a period spanning four decades, all using the good old smoggy Type One air-cooled car. About all they seem to have in common is the word "Jeans" and the presence of at least some denim upholstery. No word yet on an Oleg Cassini Beetle.

1974 Jeans Beetle, 1975 Jeans Beetle III, 1982 Jeans Bug, 1995 Jeans Beetle, 2000 Jeans Beetle [SE Beetles]

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