Ah, Liverpool. Not to cast aspersions, but we figure the odds of the burglars who pulled this off being mustachioed, clad in cheap track suits, on the dole while living with mum are better than 90%. What happened: Pepe saved two goals, which allowed Liverpool to triumph over rival Chelsea in the Champions League semi-finals, setting up an epic rematch against AC Milan in three weeks. Meanwhile, back at his home, some perps broke in, robbed the joint, stole his Porsche Cayenne, hooned it around town and then incinerated it. The burned-out off-roader's charred carcass was found the next morning around 6:30 am. We're assuming the Cayenne was the Turbo, as Reina is a footballer after all. We've driven the Cayenne Turbo and in all honesty cannot think of a better car to go joy riding in. And then light on fire. Bleedin' Scousers. Probably Everton fans.

Burglars raid Reina's home [guardian.co.uk]

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