Seeing as I'm the only editor here with a game system that doesn't have the words "Famicom" or "TurboGrafx" in the name, I'm the most qualified one of us to give you the first-hand look at the new Transformers video game. Oh, and wait, since it's Transformers, I guess that makes me doubly qualified, doesn't it? Well, we got our hands on the first trailer for the game from the boys n' girls at, and it's rife with all sorts of bot-on-bot action, including a Bumblebee vs. Barricade battle royale, the first look at a transformation of the king of the bots of auto, Optimus Prime, and all of it's got a great Peter Cullen voiceover. We've done up some screen caps for this game (which may only be available for the PS3) below for anyone who's unable to see the prettiness of the trailer in the full above.

Transformers: The Game [ via TFW2005]

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