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Attention Hollywood directors, file this idea in your list of movie ideas for Sammy L. The infamous snake-killer could very well be interested in this man from London, Ontario who's decided he needs "a new vehicle." But since the only thing he's got is $3500 in camera gear and — err — what appears to be a bunch of snakes. Seriously — snakes for a car. We're at a loss here ourselves. Full ad is filed for your amusement below the jump. [Hat tip to Hoser Dave!]

I've decided that I need a new vehicle all together. So, I'll do a trade, either for all my camera gear, or all my camera gear all my snakes I have a total of over $3500 invested in everything. Send me your offers. Remember, I need and want to sell / trade. I need something reliable. MUST be Cert.

Digital Canon Rebel XT w/ Kit lens
Canon Battery Grip (BG-E3)
Tripod (Cheap one)
Lowepro Slingshot 100aw case
Canon Eyepiece extender (EP-EX15)
Ultima 1GB CF card
Optex OPT 155 Tripod.
Optex Deluxe Digi-Blower

1.2 Jungle Corns (Albino, 2 100% het )
1.0 Snow Corn
1.0 Charcoal het Pewter(Bloodred)
0.1 Pewter
0.2 Amel
0.2 Anery
I'll even throw in the rack and bins.

And a bunch of frozen feeders.
Everything is in Excellent condition. And 100% healthy

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