It's easy to make fun of Berkeley- hell, I'm in Berkeley right now and it's taking all the willpower I can muster not to scorch everyone's ears off with a profanity-studded rant about hypocrisy- but here's a Berkeley crew that's not only talking the renewable-fuels talk but walking the walk as well. You can now drive your 600,000-mile beater Mercedes diesel- no doubt plastered with BIODIESEL - NO WAR REQUIRED stickers, plus that one about the Air Force having a bake sale- up to a pump and fill 'er up with ASTM-grade biodiesel fuel, made from soy oil scraped out of the vats of a potato-chip factory. No more talking about how you're gonna buy all the drums and methanol and stuff and set up your own backyard refinery, but until then you'll keep driving that 19MPG Volvo 245; you want the pure stuff, purge the dinosaur bones from a cheapo Merc's tank and clatter on down to worker-owned Biodiesel Oasis. Hmmm... how about a Detroit Diesel Series 60 in a '71 Coupe de Ville? 1,200 foot-pounds and exhaust that smells like donuts!

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