Talking with our soon-to-be-buying a Subaru friend yesterday nearly turned into a fight:

Me: "You have to get the Legacy GT — it has the turbo. You want the turbo."
Her: "We don't care. And we don't want that dorky thing on the hood."
Me: "That's a functional scoop for the intercooler!"
Her: "We don't care — it costs too much and looks lame."
Me: "But it will have a higher resale value. My old WRX had 105,000 miles on it and every body panel was dented, and I still sold it for $5,000."
Her: "That's good. But the GT takes premium gas. No way."


She had a point on that last one. With gas prices spiraling up (and set to keep on ascending) and my high-compression four-banger sipping only 91 octane I realized that I've been paying $3.59 per gallon lately. You?

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