We are still sad and a little hurt by the departure of the performance "R" cars from the Volvo range. To make it up to us, Ford's favorite Swedish division is releasing a bevy of new models. One of which is devastatingly good looking to our wagon loving eyes. The V60 crossover is to share chassis/underpinnings with the upcoming S60. Judging by its stance, the V60 is a people mover in the Mercedes R-Class neo-tradition. But while the German looks like a loaf of bread minivan that went to finishing school, the V60 is long & lean, sleek & sexy and just crying out for an R badge and several hundred horsepower. As far as their new flagship goes...

...look for the new XC100 to be a design statement in a more austere, Audi-ish direction. Expect the top of the fjord Volvo to be both a technological and safety statement. No actual details have been announced, but speculation is the XC100 will seat seven, come standard with AWD, run on corn.and offer a hybrid drivetrain. Rear seat meatball warmer? Keep dreaming.

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