Today's news of the Bay Bridge melting got our little mind to thinking of a time when we were a much younger Jalop. It was boom-time in San Francisco (1997) and we were dot com-ing our ass off. One morning we had to go to Emeryville (the scene of today's meltdown) which meant the Bay Bridge. Trying to be smart, we actually left early to beat traffic. And getting onto the Bridge we noticed that suddenly our tape deck stopped working (yes, cars had tape decks back then). Then, all the lights on the dash went dark. Then suddenly our little green Sentra's speed dropped from 65 mph to 20 mph and then it just stalled. Right there in the second from the lest lane, just before Treasure Island. Dead alternator. Never before or since have I been called "asshole" more. Or seen more middle fingers. But, sadly, that's not the worst we've done to others. We once had a bungee cord tear and launch a queen-size mattress and box-spring all over the 101. That was just awful... You?

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