We've managed to scrape up a hoon for every day this month, so now that we're on the last day of International Hoon Month it's time to vote on just who combines guts, cars, and a possibly misplaced sense of invulnerability in the most impressive fashion. The setup is simple: we take the first- and second-place finishers in each week's Hoon of the Week poll and let them compete head-to-head. So throw away your helmet, unfasten your seat belts, start up the $50 car, and jump...

Sprint Jumping

Eldorado Versus Camper

Exceptional Redneck Ingenuity: Sprint Jumping, Platform Pontiac

Swedish Escort Service

Kiwi Laser Leaping

Captain Leadfoot and His Magical Red Van

Two-Wheeling, Qatar Style

Gnarly Gnorwegian Volvitude

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Since we've more or less depleted the Strategic Hoon Video Reserve with our April hoon-a-pa-looza, we may need to throttle back on the Hoon of the Day entrants for May, at least until we can be assured of only the highest quality hoonage. There'll be hoonage, all right, just not every day.

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