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The breathless one's gotten what he claims to be a scoop from a PR pic released today from the General's design studio. It shows the terrible trio of "Slick" Rick Wagoner, "Maximum" Bob Lutz, and Fritz "Show Me The Money" Henderson standing in front of what they're claiming is "A full-scale production clay model of the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro" as it "starts to take shape at GM's Warren, Michigan, Design Center, Rear Wheel Drive Performance Studio." But the breathless one's less concerned about the looking-very-similar-to-concept Camaro, and more concerned with what he's saying is on the wall behind little Fritzie. He's of the opinion (via super-secret e-mails with us) this Volt look-a-like:

This image was lost some time after publication.

" from GM's Rear Wheel Drive Performance Studio. Plus, the roof of the Volt is chopped. It appears with this mystery Chevy the roof has more of an arch near the c-pillar...Anyway, the grille appears to be larger on this Chevy, plus it looks like the Malibu. Malibu coupe = Chevelle."

We've no idea whether the breathless one who runs a Source of information on the General is the right source here — but check out the full-res pic below and tell us what you think. Could it even be the next El-Cam?


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