Before our dear reader GoatBoy bunches his panties screaming, "Nuh uh! Nuh uh! That's not technically a supercar," we know. Technically the Ferrari 250 GTO is the world's first supercar (though the 1939 BMW 328 Mille Miglia Touring would beg to differ). We don't care. I mean, are you going to tell Steve McQueen that his daily driver isn't a supercar? Didn't think so. Besides, super sexy cars are totally super in our book. More to the point, if you have between $800,000 and $1,200,000 burning a whole in your pocket, you might want to head up to Monterey in mid-Agust and stop by the Christie's International Motor Cars 2007 flagship auction. We'll be there. Make the jump to see why. Oh, and the broad? That's Peggy Moffitt.

Steve McQueen's '63 Ferrari heading to auction []

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