We remember talking to a real life racing school instructor about whether or not he employs any of the abracadabra he'd been teaching us into his daily commute.. "No," he said in his soft Lancashire twang. "Once I'm off the track I just drive like everyone else, don't I?" We weren't having it. "I bet you heel and toe into every red light." He flashed us his champion grin, shrugged and said, "Well, sure. Of course that." We only knew because a few months earlier we had mastered the art of hitting three pedals at the same time to the point where we didn't even know we were doing it. Much to our passengers' constant annoyance, we've just straight up nailed that particular trick. The month before we'd stopped depressing the clutch altogether during most shifts. Which sounds cooler than it is (see our chewed synchromeshes). So where are you at with the hoonage art of driving? Left foot braking? Or still tickled pink with good old neutral drops?

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