It's 4/20 today, and what's the 420-est vehicle ever? Damn right, a Chevy Van! So, in honor of that most red-eyed of vehicles, today's Hoon of the Day entry is rolling (literally) in just such a ride. Remember, kids, while you're huddled by the dumpsters behind the 7-11, passing around that seedy pinner and pretending that a scratchy headache is a good feeling, some Chevy Van owner is torching an Acapulco Gold steamboat on a purple beanbag chair in the back while his special tube-top-wearing lady adjusts the EQ on the 8-track for the best possible sound on Frampton Comes Alive. Of course, that wouldn't work so well in this van, but...uh... right. Something about vans. Anyway, this hoon gets 5 bonus points for being such a psycho leadfoot and another 5 for gunning the throttle even as he's experiencing that sickening "here we go" tipover moment. We're forced to ding him 5 for cutting off the video before the dust cloud clears, though. Hoon-O-Meter reading: 37 points.

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