We popped down the river's edge last night to check out the debut of Audi's Cross Coup Concept, which seems to be a big, throbbing hint at the direction the Q5 crossover will take. Audi desing honcho Stefan Sielaff pointed out that the tallights are of the "utmost precision," while we seem to recall that company boss Rupert Stadler (resplendent in pink tie) said something about Shanghai being the turbo on Audi's cherry. They flew in the cast of STOMP! to introduce the car and then had some really terrible Chinese band play a few songs, one of which we swore was going to be Rosanna by Toto. Quote of the night goes to Stadler: "China is set to become Audi's second home market, I assure you."

Shanghai Motor Show: Audi Cross Coupe ? Concept [Internal]