Resto shop YearOne and Burt Reynolds have formed a holy alliance to revive a classic of such massive pop-cultural significance, no amount of throwaway hyperbole can do it Buford T. justice. They're planning to build a limited run of Bandit Trans Am models. As Autoblog reports, the cars will be created from original donor T/As, not base Firebirds tarted up with the screaming chicken and a few black-and-gold gewgaws. If you'll recall, the Bandit cop decoy was a Trans Am 50th Anniversary edition SE (no "Bandit" model ever existed). YearOne says it's building three variants, BAN1, thru BAN3, all completely done-over from scratch in restomod fashion. No word on price yet, but who can put a price on nostalgia?

Breaker, Breaker: Year One recreates Bandit T/As [Autoblog]

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