The Americans, Arabs, and Scandinavians have been dominating the Hoonlympic Games so far, so now it's time to bring in some new blood. We're pretty sure from the language that these hoons hail from Estonia, or in any case one of the ex-Soviet Baltic nations. This video drags on a bit, but there are some nice moments as these Estoni-hoons take their Opel Astra out for some jumping action. They get slapped with a big 10-point penalty for the maddening Euro-dance music (so far the Scandinavians rule the world in the hoonage-video soundtrack music department), but they get the same 10 right back for tipping the Astra up on its side to fix a coolant leak and another 5 bonus points for trying the jump so many times. Hoon-O-Meter reading: 31 points.

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