America's number-two car company, Hertz, has announced that it will start offering hourly car rental service at three locations in Manhattan starting today. Hertz will be the first of the major rental companies to offer the service, charging as little as $12 in some cases. This is obviously a move to compete with companies such as Zipcar, which are already offering hourly rentals for people who just need a car to pick up groceries or take their cat to the vet.

Hertz brings serious competition due to their much larger advertising budget (i.e, not paying jackasses to yell out of car windows) and superior name recognition. Also, Hertz offers much larger vehicles than most Zipcars we've seen around, which is good for... ahem... entertainment services. "Hey lady, get in the back of my Town Car" sounds a lot better than "Hey lady, please squeeze into the back of my Mini Cooper."

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