I was yakking with my girl last night telling her how Jalopnik's traffic keeps growing and growing. She said, "That's amazing, considering you don't have any girl readers." I immediately told her that we have one, for sure (Howdy TroubleonWheels). My girl said she wasn't surprised and pointed to yesterday's most manliest car chest-thumping discussion as an example of our collective locker room mentality. I then told her that I would pose the question, "What's the girliest car?" But she protested saying, "See? Girlie has negative connotations." OK then, most feminine? "No. Some of those meatheads will think it has something to do with feminazism." Most womanly, er womanliest? "That sounds lame." We're rolling with it anyhow. And guys, try not to sound like meatheads.

Question Of The Day: What's The Manliest Car? [Internal]