Dude, we totally got this POS 4-door Tercel! And we're, like, fully gonna brutalize it! Hell yeah! Set to a soundtrack of the gleeful giggling of hoons in their element, this video chronicles the demise of a late-80s Tercel in a setting of grim snow-covered rural (dare I say Scandinavian-looking?) wasteland. 5 bonus points for the inside- and outside-the-car camera views, another 5 for the pretty good air in the jump, and 5 more for not replacing the sound of the hoonage with music, sucky or otherwise. We're going to have to dock these hoons 5 points, though, for not attempting more jumps. Hoon-O-Meter reading: 33 points.

Hoon of the Day: Tercel's Death of a Thousand Cuts [internal]