Even a show as great as Top Gear is heir to the thousand natural shocks of success. The need to stay fresh, while keeping true to charter is a minefield for a regular, old blog; imagine how treacherous it is for an iconic TV show. This week, headmaster Jeremy Clarkson sounds off on the past season of Top Gear, derided on many message boards for abandoning good ol' hoonage on English country lanes in favor of stunt programming and gimmickry. But Clarkson says such are the realities of being the most-watched show on the BBC. To wit:

But galloping like a huge, shit-stained horse over the horizon comes the problem: is that what the vast majority of the viewers want? Not you. Not your mates in cyberland. But the vast swathe of people who just want to flop down on a Sunday night and watch entertaining telly. I suspect the answer is a Thatcheresque "No. No. No."

Is all lost? Can "Top Gear" be all things to all viewers if it has to appeal to anti-mum and her sewing biddies as well as, well, you all? Sound off before it's too late.

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