Your neighbor's STi might produce 600 hp, but that means each cylinder has to blast out 150 hp. With all that stress, he'll be needing a new engine sooner not later. However, for the low, low price of just $50,000, you can own a 600-hp (at the wheels, btw) STi that only makes 100 hp per cylinder. No, it's not the new math – it's tuner madmen Perrin and their six-banger uber-WRX. Essentially, they dropped the Subaru Legacy's 250 hp EZ30R (H6) into an STI and then tuned the bejesus out of it. Serious, it's pure Satan now (550 lb-ft of devilish torque). Click on the "features" tab for a long-winded write-up of the build plus more dyno-charts than you've ever wanted to see. Our favorite part is that they stress even though their engine is bombproof-reliable at 600 hp, a larger turbo could take her up to 1,000 hp. You can take the boy out of the hoon... Anyhow, it is as close to a Legacy STI as we're ever going to see. Why aren't we submitting an "or best offer?" It's not a Sport Wagon, is it? (thanks to Stephan for the tip)

Perrin 2006 STI H6 []

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