Although the discovery of the incredible Starionamino kinda took some of the thrill out of lesser -amino/-chero vehicles for us, here's a Japan-based third-gen F-Body-amino (or a real El Camino with a Camaro snout graft, or maybe a Corona with a ton of obsessive body modification) that definitely gets our attention at Jalopy Central. The tiny wheels and Mexican-flag-themed interior go nicely with the Japanese plates and refrigerator white body with "IROC-SS" decals...

This tip comes to us courtesy of George, one of our eagle-eyed car-with-truck-bed aficionados. In his words: "Judging by the aesthetics, this vehicle went through puberty in Southern California under the care and tutelage of the Seaside Locos. Yet mysteriously, some would guess by freak circumstances, it now calls Karatsu, in Japan's Saga prefecture, home. My friend Raphael spotted it representin' in an alley and snapped a couple of pictures he'd like to share." Good work, George and Raphael!

Finnish F-Body: The Tax-Dodge Camaromino [internal]