Get Lost in the Smoke with the 1985 BMW 524td

BMW didn't need sales pitches to sell cars in Australia in 1985. All they needed was some drama, some soft classical music, and two of the only vehicles with more exhaust emissions than a diesel powered 80s BMW.


This 1985 524td commercial is another prime example of BMW's unique advertising philosophy. Where most car makers would spend time pointing out why their vehicle is the best to be had, BMW created a miniature movie showing off the good looks and train chasing practicality of their 5 series turbo diesel offering. Although the tactic is a little ridiculous, after watching the 2 minute commercial the 524td it isn't hard to imagine yourself racing through the hills after a train. Maybe it's the classic lines of the E28 five series BMW platform, or maybe the dramatic advertising is more effective than it seems. We think it's the car.

It is hard to tell whether the inclusion of a smoke billowing train and boat is purely for dramatic effect or is also a subtle suggestion to the potential diesel buyer that there are worse things than visible emissions coming from your vehicle. The inline 6 turbo diesel engine that provided the 524td's visible emissions was good for 114 horsepower when new. The very same BMW turbo diesel engine was also offered in several Lincoln models in 1984 and 1985, creating one of the more bizarre automotive combinations to ever leave a factory. This year the E28 design celebrates its 30th birthday. Although the 524td may not have been the most popular incarnation of the design, you'd never know it watching this one chasing a train through the hills.



@1:00 - The note reads.

"My Dearest Philip,

We're through. There was a time you truly loved me I think, you would sing me songs and we would go on walks.

These last few months I feel I don't even know you anymore. You've become a complete bore at parties, you spend all your time in the Car hold, you bring home dirty barrels that smell like a diner and you smell like smoke all the time! Did you start smoking again?! You say your saving us money...I don't even care.

That's why I'm leaving. I will be on the 6:00 P.M. classic novelty super slow steam train out of town. Don't come after me, I need to move on...and so do you.