Get horny for the Caddy Shack

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Florida enchants us. It confuses and amazes us. And just when we're ready to endorse hare-brained geographic alterations, this comes along: a fusion of a '61 Cadillac front end with a fifth wheel trailer. Meet the Caddy Shack.

Caught by a Jalopnik reader in a Home Depot parking lot, the Caddy Shack answers the question: "What would Boss Hog's nursing home look like?" In the Caddy Shack's favor, style has never found purchase in the world of campers and motorhomes, and it instantly wins for its driver the title of chief road beef inspector at any KOA Campground. The builder appeared to do well with the parts at hand, and went the extra step to create his own coat of arms and grant the Caddy half wide whitewall tires

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On the other side of the ledger, we can only imagine the Caddy Shack's Nimitz-like handling and Brobdingnagian thirst for fossil fuel. Sure, the truck side mirrors provide a smidgen of rearward visibility, but most crash avoidance would be crowdsourced. And Florida's pedestrian throngs might want to think twice before crossing in front of those longhorns. Stay classy, Sunshine State.

Thanks Nick!

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