There are few words in the English language as impossibly awesome as "superleggera." And since, Jalopnik's essential mission is to celebrate the awesome, we would like to point out that the superleggera version of anything this side of Glenn Seaborg's personal collection of transuranic elements, Fort Knox' stash of gold and Tony Iommi's guitar tone is pretty much the best rendition of anything the term is applied to. Go ahead and try it. Add "Superleggera" to your own car. If your neighbors do not envy the Colt Vista Superleggera, there is merely the simple matter of taking a machete to their mailbox to inform them of the error of their ways. Sadly, we now realize that Taco Bell with come out with a Seven-Layer Superleggera Burrito with all of the flavor and none of the carbs without realizing that "superleggera" is American, rather than Mexican. Such is the pain of being a Jalopnik.

Geneva Showcase: Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera [Internal]