The boys at Badboy Vettes inform us that 50 years ago today, the Corvette SS XP-64 made its debut at Sebring. What was the SS XP-64 you beckon? It was a super-light 'Vette with a body of magnesium alloy, a tubular frame and a worked-over 283 ci V8 producing upward of 300 hp. The prototype was built under the guidance of the Corvette's patriarch, Zora Arkus-Duntov. The 12-hour race was to serve as a proving ground of sorts for the SS before it would be fielded at Le Mans later that year. But despite its high-tech derivation, the SS didn't last more than 23 laps before technical problems shut it down. Soon after, manufacturer-sponsored racing was banned by the American Manufacturers' Association, dooming the SS to live in test-kitchen limbo. Nonetheless, its development paid dividends on the street, if not on the tarmac of la Sarthe. The chassis from the SS eventually underpinned the iconic 1959 Stingray.

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