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Some automakers are users and abusers of the "booth babes," including them in displays in order to create a visceral reaction from the high horsepower cars and attractive women perched atop them. The automakers that employ them are all over using them because they want the auto writing media folks to do two things — equate their cars with the potential for sex with a hot woman, and then to take pictures of the hot women with cars behind them so that others will equate their cars with the potential for sex with hot women. But autonistas are becoming wise to the wily automakers ways, and many of the employers of booth babes are looking to drop the levels of usage, specifically in the overseas market. Thus, we've now heard:

"Spectators for the upcoming Seoul Motor Show 2007 are likely to see fewer female models showcasing the newest automobiles.

Carmakers, such as Hyundai Motor and GM Daewoo Auto & Technology, have decided to reduce the number of female models compared to 2005.

The downsizing could serve as a major disappointment for male visitors looking to glance on the female models during the show. The 10-day car event will kick off on April 6 at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Koyang, northwest of Seoul...GM Daewoo will limit their number of female models to 30. Ssangyong Motor and Renault Samsung Motors are also planning to follow the move."

Now that's restraint on the part of GM-Daewoo. We, on the other hand, know not what this "restraint" thing is — thus, the gallery below.


Seoul Motor Show to Use Fewer Scantily-Clad Female Models; GM Daewoo Limits to...30 [GMInsideNews]

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