We've heard tell of near-flawless examples of vintage Jaguar reproductions from the UK's Proteus Cars. The company made its name recreating models from Jag's halcyon days, back When Sir William Lyons and crew built sumptuous cars worth twice the price. Now, the company — recently bought by rival Enduro Cars — will unveil a new, coupe model of the Jaguar C-Type. The happening will correspond with the Race Retro historic classic held in Coventry, UK later this month. It's one of many such nonoriginal coupes the company's built, including versions of the Jaguar XK 120, 140, 150, and E-Type. Reaction of the locals will determine whether Proteus puts the C coupe into series production, or relegates it to the "unbuilt cars recreated never to be built again" file.

[Proteus Cars]

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