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Rabbi Dave over at the site all about, well, Cars, got the scoop on the sticker for the 2008 Chrysler Sebring drop-top. We'll go ahead and set aside his editorializing on a lack of understanding of the popularity of a drop-top with room in the back seat for the kids, golf clubs or a combination of the two for under $30,000. And instead, we'll just give you the new figures on the new sunniness from the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid after the jump, with the photo gallery below to remind you of the obvious styling similarities with the new hardtop version, including that styling language on the hood taken directly from a George Foreman grill.

"The base Sebring with a vinyl convertible top, four-cylinder engine, ABS and tire pressure monitoring system will start at $25,470. That's actually less than the outgoing Sebring convertible's $26,115 asking price.

The Sebring Touring, also with a standard vinyl top, adds a standard V-6 engine and 17-inch wheels and starts at $28,070. The Sebring Limited with a standard cloth top, 18-inch wheels, premium sound system and various dress-up features starts at $31,670. Prices don't include a $675 destination charge. "

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