No Audi's not done deriving new models, considering there are still a couple of counting numbers it hasn't yet appropriated. For instance, it's been a year since we've heard anything new about the coming Audi A7/S7, a new coupeish four-door set to challenge the Mercedes CLS by 2009. Ditto for the Q5 small SUV. Now, German news outlets are reporting on the company's raft of new badges it's rolling out in its quest to be a major luxury player. The A7's expected to hit in 2009 for the 2010 model year. It'll be built on the same platform as the A8 and offer a range of engines including the Lambo-derived V10 for the S7 model. MotorAuthority offers a rendering of what it could look like. No word on whether Audi's also considering a two-door sedan, a six-door hatchback or a 12-door airport bus, but insiders say put a sock in it.

Preview: 2009 Audi A7 Cabriolet [Motor Authority]

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