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Not one to toot our own horns — wait, who are we kidding, of course we are — but it looks like Der Spiegel wants a piece of us today. The highly precise newspaper from Deutschland dropped us some link-love in today's edition on the Corvette "Esh - Esh" (or Blue Devil, or whatever) that we ran a few weeks back. While we appreciate the German Spiegel-love, we realized they were just pointing readers to our main page — and since we don't have the powertrain mule pics up on the main page at the moment, we decided to make it easier for our cross-Continental friends to find them. For instance, just click through the picture gallery below or through the related links for the story in case you're coming here late.

Spy Photos: I Am The Corvette SS Powertrain Mule; Corvette SS Spy Photographer Now In Jail!; Corvette SS Spy Photographer Now NOT In Jail?; Breaking! Police Report From The Great Million Dollar Corvette SS Mule Photo Caper! [internal]