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Our good buddies obsessed with all things gadgets and gizmos dropped us a tip that Tesla Motors is looking to open up five "customer service centers" this year across the country. They'll be located in Chicago, Northern California, Southern California, New York and Florida and they'll give prospective customers the opportunity to kick the tires on an electric ride. For the time being, it'll just be the standard $100,000 electric super-car, but starting in 2009, you'll have the opportunity to check out those sedans they've been promising as well. You'll also notice that the "customer service center" isn't a standard "dealer" experience. So instead of independent companies owning the sales and distribution chain, Tesla itself will own it. That means that hopefully you'll get less of a "Buy! Buy! Buy!" experience and more of a "Let's talk about the product" experience. Sounds like a plan to us.

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